Going Hobo

The Mission

Our end-game is an alternative travel network, built to bring you - the adventurer - affordable transportation and accommodation solutions. We’re working with some or the sharing economy’s greatest assets and organizations to compile the internet’s best community resources.

Live like a local and stay for free by housesitting, split the cost of your next roadtrip by sharing your ride with other people heading your way or snatch up a half-price ticket across the world form a crowd-sourced error-fare tracker.

We're not here to bring you luxury vacations or first-class airfare. We bring a brand of real, community-driven initiatives, innovations and services for adventurers like you. We're not just cheap travel. GoHobo uses existing systems and services to bring you the best of the travel-based sharing-economy. If you have anything to add to our community, or would like to be listed in our Adventure Directory, send us an email at gohoboco@gmail.com, or get at us on Twitter

How it works