3 Experiences You Didn't Know Australia Could Offer You

3 Experiences You Didn't Know Australia Could Offer You


If you have ever thought about taking a trip down under, you have probably considered the roaming beaches, Sydney Opera House, barbeques and the coral reef. Australia offers many fantastic sights, experiences and opportunities for wonder, and it’s not too surprising why many people choose to travel its glorious realms every year. But it’s possible that there are plenty of attractions which you haven’t even considered, and some of them might even attract you more than the regularly billed options above. Let’s take a look at a few of the surprising things that Australia can offer you.

Map of Australia

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When you think of Australia, you normally think of sun and sea - not snow. But as it turns out, the country is actually home to one of the most popular and far-reaching skiing spots in the world. Located in Mt. Buller - about a three hour drive North from Melbourne - this is a beautiful snowscape scenery which is home to a number of professional ski lodges. While you are likely to find bigger slopes in many parts of Europe, the sheer beauty of Mt. Buller’s should be enough to entice you. And if that’s not enough, don’t forget that you will have the opportunity to say something not many people can say: that you went skiing in one of the hottest countries on Earth!

Exotic Foods

You might not think of Australia for its food - except perhaps the occasional barbie - but as it happens it is one of the best locations anywhere in the world for sheer variety of exotic foods. If the food is one of the major things that you always look out for while travelling, then you won’t be disappointed here, no matter where in Australia you might end up. If Asian is your thing, then you are in luck - all of the major cities, and many other areas besides, offer a huge range of Asian food, from Thai food to Chinese and even Japanese. You will also find some worldwide favorites, such as the classic fish and chips - and that’s not to mention the deliciously fresh seafood, something which Australians are particularly proud of. Whatever you want to eat, they’ve got it.

Thai food in Australia

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One of the best ways to spend your time while abroad is to go to a festival or two. The good news here is that Australia offers just as many as any other country on the planet, despite what you might have assumed. If you decide to travel to any of the major cities at pretty much any time of year, you are bound to discover a huge varying range of festivals, from music and food events to film or even foodie festies. Whether you are looking for a chilled event or more of a party vibe, you can be sure that Australia will have it all for you.

If you are thinking of travelling to Australia, consider giving these three experiences a shot. You might be surprised at how fully they round off your trip abroad.