5 Simple Tips to Make Your North Georgia Summer Vacation Even Better

5 Simple Tips to Make Your North Georgia Summer Vacation Even Better

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Are you planning to replenish your energy stores after restless working for the whole year? Summer vacations are just around the corner, and nothing but North Georgia can do wonders for you, I reckon.

North Georgia, a hilly area in the northern region of the US state of Georgia, is a venturesome vacation spot. The region has a great deal to offer to the tourists. The region is crammed with the natural beauty of mountains, waterfalls and rivers all around. So if you are all set to kick off your journey, some simple tips can be handy to make your trip to North Georgia a memory to cherish.

1. Try out a Vacation Rental instead of a Hotel

Since family fun and comfort is at the heart of any vacation trip, never compromise on it. A vacation rental can enhance the fun if your family is having more private space for themselves. Unlike a hotel, they can freely move around and enjoy the scenic beauty of North Georgia in these cabins. These rentals are available in different sizes ranging from a simple 1 room to a luxurious 5 rooms cabin. It’s advisable to book one as per your budget and family size in advance.

If you and your family are fond of adventures, a vacation rental around the hilly area is just like a cherry on cake. The mountainous beauty will give you the charismatic serenity along with a chance of multiple outdoor fun activities like hiking, camping and what not. The mountain lakes around Helen give you the opportunity to witness breathtaking fireworks and fishing as well.

How could one miss the chance to water tube in the world famous Chattahoochee River? A vacation rental nearby such happening place like Helen or Blue Ridge is a perfect option if your family can’t miss out this fun. Some vacation rentals in North Georgia even start their hiking trails right from the cabin’s doorstep. You just can’t resist this experience with such an amazing cabin rental. You can also enjoy the calmness of the beautiful environment from the balcony of your cabin too.

For kids, these vacation rentals have several indoor activities. If you want to go outside with kids, the waterparks in Blue Ridge are not far from your reach. There are plenty of vacation rentals available to make your access easy to all such water parks.

2. Don’t miss out the Summer Festivals

North Georgia is such a happening place that keeps you rolling all the time. Though summers are scorching here, the interesting festivals can turn dog days into a never-ending fun. The “Hot Air Balloon race” in Helen is the most exciting and a must watch event. Georgia Mountain fair is another of its kind with music, arts and craft, rides, walks and what else. You’ll regret missing this event in Hiwassee. The 4th of July Celebrations in Dahlonega will leave you stunned with the most amazing fireworks. If you are a “foodie”, head on to Ellijay for the most famous food festival in May. Music Festivals also take place in summers to double the pleasure.

3. Shopping - A must in North Georgia

Don’t forget to shop around North Georgia. Besides enjoying the fun moments, the local souvenirs and articles remain a part of sweet memories. The local shopping stores have much to attract the visitors. The jewelry, clothes, accessories, Himalayan salt crystals, pottery and antique stuff can make shopaholics go crazy over here.

4. Enjoy the Food

North Georgia can satisfy your taste buds with its scrumptious food. You can enjoy variety of food in the exotic environment. The restaurants are in abundance to serve the visitors with mouthwatering dishes. As discussed earlier, food festivals are also organized in summers to suit your taste.

5. Plan a bike trail

Never miss out the opportunity to bike trail around Blue Ridge or Appalachian mountains. Just step out of your cabin and stroll down the streets, you can start the biking trail. The trails into the woods of Chattahoochee, Dahlonega and Blue Ridge can be a life-changing experience. Not just the most challenging trails, North Georgia has beginner to intermediate trails to cater all sort of adventurers.

There’s a lot more to do in North Georgia. All it requires is your passion to make the most of every moment spent in the magical surrounding. The never-ending fun opportunities can make your vacations the most exciting and memorable one. Just give it a try and you’ll be recommending a trip to North Georgia to your friends next year!