Alternative Adventure People You Should Know

Alternative Adventure People You Should Know

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This time around I wanted to throw a shout-out to some lesser-known alternative adventure folk who really have a lot to offer. I’ve compiled a list of GoHobo’s favourite go-tos when it comes to adventure inspiration. Whether you’re living in a van down by the river, flying across the ocean to explore new cultures, or hiking in your own backyard; these people will surely scratch your itchy feet (that’s a real expression, I swear).

1. Go The Travel Podcast

Unique stories of adventure, travel, and culture from around the globe. Alex and Laura have a fascinating and journalistic approach to alternative travel. Follow along as they explore far beyond regular tourism, and into the heart of adventure.
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2. Vanholio

A van-dwelling realist and a modern philosopher, sharing real van life experiences across the USA. Well spoken, and well written, Vanholio keeps it real and amusing with weekly manifests from his on-the-road adventures. Read the manifesto at

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3. Indie Voyager

Indie Voyager is an alternative travel guru, living on the wild side of European travel. Frequenting music festivals as a photographer, shooting street art, and hitchhiking around the continent. The guy knows how to get around.
Read some indie travel tips at

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4. By The Way

Tomás and Viriato are two adrenaline junkies living life to the fullest - and proving that a life of adventure doesn’t really cost much. They live by the mantra, we weren’t born to pay bills and die.
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5. Dharma On Wheels

A bus-dwelling family, with hearts full of wanderlust. Currently posted in Alberta, Canada where they are building out their #skoolie.
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6. +Venture

A youthful crew of true weekend warriors with loads of positive energy, and a true appreciation of nature.
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7. Van.Crush

Every day, #VanGrrrl lights up my Instagram feed with an epic curation of beautiful, glorious van-living.
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8. We Are Wildness

A community with a mission: helping people rewild their lives by re-connecting with the natural world, through courses, meetups and inspiration.
Re-Wild your life

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