Awesome Australia: The 6 Best Cities Down Under

Awesome Australia: The 6 Best Cities Down Under

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For people all over the world, Australia is a dream destination. The laid-back lifestyle, incredible weather and stunning natural scenery are just three factors that draw people to this great land. But beyond this, the cities ‘Down Under’ are simply out of this world! Job opportunities, education, art, culture and entertainment are all here in abundance, so if you are considering coming to any of them to work or live, there is no doubt that you are making a fine decision. In this post, we will look a little closer at Australia’s six most celebrated cities and what it is that makes them so great.

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If you have ever been backpacking around Europe, you will already be well-aware that every other person that you meet seems to be from Melbourne! But that doesn’t mean that the population is shrinking. In fact, over 4.5 million people call this city home, and it is quickly catching up with the biggest Australian city of Sydney. Melbourne is quite diverse in its climate - coastal conditions are cool as breezy, while the inland is hot and dry. One of the main things that the city known for is its culture. All kinds of festivals and events take place here every year, and it is also packed with galleries and theatres. If you have a hipster bone in your body, you will also be delighted by the number of artisan coffee shops that are around!


The city that many people mistake as being the capital of Australia, Sydney is perhaps best-known for the architecturally unique Opera House. Some of the other popular cultural attractions include the Queen Victoria Building, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Australian Museum. Over five million people live in Sydney, and it is also renowned for its merging of cultures from all over the world. Inside the main city centre itself, it is both bustling and visually attractive. Move a little towards the suburbs and you will find that there are all kinds of unique and appealing neighbourhoods to explore. And there is no doubt that New South Wales is one of the most beautiful states to visit.

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Standing in the centre of Perth, you would hardly be able to tell what a geographically remote part of the country you are in - its nearest neighbour city is located over 1,300 miles away! Some of the country’s most stunning natural wonders are located on this side of the country, and you can hire cars at Burswood Car Rentals to reach them. But even within the city boundary itself, there are plenty of beautiful local beaches and cultural attractions to enjoy.


The third largest city in Australia is Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. Art and technology are the twin enterprises that drive this city forward, and this has also helped to boost tourism in the area. A total of nine universities also ensure that the student population is big and thriving. There are also a host of nature-inspired activities to take in including the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and Brisbane Forest Park.

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Tucked away between the hills and the oceans, Adelaide is renowned for its wine and food culture. There is nowhere better to enjoy this than visiting the Laneway Bars where you can find cuisine from all over the world. If you are looking for fresh produce, there is nowhere better to visit than the Central Market. For history buffs, a visit to the historic port area is certainly in order, and you can even kayak along the Port River to get a totally different impression of the city. And the local zoo is one of the best in the country with more than 1,800 different animals.


The actual capital of Australia often gets a bad rep, but this sprawling urban centre actually has a great variety of museums and landmarks, as well as a buzzing nightlife. The economic wealth of the city means that job opportunities are rife, and it is also the centre of Australian politics. The ten-day Canberra Festival draws in people from all over the country to celebrate the best of music in a wide range of different genres.

So, hopefully you have a better idea about six of Australia’s finest cities. Each one of them has plenty of unique opportunities and attractions to visit. If you are planning a move out here, it is highly likely that you will call one of these places home, and even if you are just planning a visit, they are great bases from which to explore the rest of the country.