Budget-friendly Travel Planning Made Easy

Budget-friendly Travel Planning Made Easy

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Whether you’re a single traveller or like trekking and backpacking in groups, you will need to plan ahead to make sure your budget goes as far as you want to go. From saving money on air travel to taking advantage of offers and discounts, there are several ways to make the most out of your budget. Below you will find a few tips on planning your ultimate vacation while making sure you don’t overspend.

Take the Road Less Travelled

Popular destinations have great hotels, but you will have to cope with higher prices and greater crowds. The good news is that there are several stunning places to be discovered, and - if you do your research right - you can hike up some of the best mountains for less than you would pay for a package holiday. Check out some of the latest holiday gems, such as Brest in Belarus, or Sheki in Azerbaijan.

Low Season Offers

Unless you are going on a beach holiday, you don’t need sunshine all day. Whether you would like to discover one of the historic sites or visit a mountain range, you can travel low season. Check out the monthly comparison of flight ticket prices online, and choose to travel when others are busy working or taking kids to school. Avoid the summer months, and find locations with great weather during the winter when people are usually staying at home.

Set Up a Base

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The good news is that you can book your accommodation cheap anywhere in the country and hire a car to get around. If you have a list of sites you would like to visit in El Salvador, it might be cheaper to book a room at Courtyard San Salvador and go on group tours or hire a car to check out all the historic and natural sites you want to see.

Hire Local Guides

Instead of booking your tours with a local travel agent when visiting another continent, you might want to talk to agents directly. Search for small private, family-run businesses, and support people in the community, instead of paying high commissions for agents. If you are planning on visiting India, find a local tour operator in North India who will give you a better price than you would get with UK companies.

Make Friends

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A great way to save on travel is making friends abroad before you travel and after. You’ll be surprised how helpful locals can be, and how happy they are to show you around the best places not many tourists know about. You might decide to book an AirBnB or similar type of accommodation, learn a few words in the local language, and get personalised recommendations from locals.

Whether you are travelling with friends or alone, making the most out of low season offers is a great idea. Search for places that are not yet popular among the crowds of tourists, and do your research. Use local companies and learn a few words in the local language, so you can get the real feel of the culture.