GoHobo So Far

GoHobo So Far

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You know what I love? Freedom. Not “Freedom”, like in ‘Murica, but the feeling you get when cruising vast empty stretches of highway with no ETA, deadline or start time. The feeling you get in quiet, sunny meadows filled with strawberries and birds, or on calm lakes full of jumping trout. The feeling I get when I work for my family and myself. Our mission is to make adventure accessible to everybody, by providing the means to alternative travel and side-road adventure services, inspiration, and budget friendly content.

GoHobo is for regular people

Over the past years, we’ve struggled hard to make ends meet, and managed to collect some valuable experiences travelling and adventuring, but as soon as you start taking adulting seriously (like when you have a child), these types of adventures become very tough on the wallet, and traditional travel becomes mostly unattainable. If you’re thinking “Nope, not me. I’ve got enough money to travel the world tomorrow if I want to,” then GoHobo is not for you. GoHobo is for regular people.

Stick to the sideroads

GoHobo isn’t about luxury travel - it’s not really about travel at all. It’s about the experience you get and how it makes you feel, what you can learn, and the quality of life you can achieve from just being happy. As with all great pursuits, GoHobo is a pursuit of happiness, which, for us, is a simple, uncluttered, and happy existence.

Phase one complete

Over the past months, we began building a community. We’ve been seeking out the best alternative travel and adventure services for people who don’t make $100k per year, for people who value experience over money, and for people not consumed by consumerism. We’re trying to build something great for people like you, and it starts with a community. Phase one was a space for us to share inspiration, and to reach out to as many people in the community as possible. We’ve had an amazing response from everyone so far, and are ready to introduce the humble beginnings of phase two.

Phase two: Adventure Directory

The Adventure Directory is now live. We’ve compiled some of the best resources we’ve come across so far. To get this started, we’ve compiled some of the top housesitting, ridesharing, work-exchange, and camping services and communities on the web. Going forward, we will be expanding on our offering, and moving beyond just the Accommodation, Transportation, and Work-Exchange categories. Adventure Directory is only a small piece of the GoHobo plan. We’ve got bigger things coming, and now that we’ve got community support from people like you, we know who we’re doing it all for.