Hitchhiking on Airplanes with Wingly

Hitchhiking on Airplanes with Wingly

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Flight Sharing

The world has never been as connected as it is today, the planet itself feels smaller. It was only a matter of time before the sharing economy took to the skies, and it has successfully taken off with Wingly. Alternative air travellers are poking around flight sharing platforms, and are taking a few steps away from traditional booking websites. After all, why queue at the airport when you can catch a private flight for the price of a train ticket?

A view of a city from a small plane - Wingly

Aviation story

Flying is the oldest human dream, and that is not surprising at all. Sadly, the concept of flying has been over-commercialized these past few decades, draining the experience of its awe and wonder. We have arrived at a point where flying is similar to taking the bus. Nonetheless, one activity has preserved its passion for flight; light aviation. The activity of flying light aircraft reminds us why the Wright brothers took to the skies again after every failed attempt. It is a fascinating endeavor, an experience full of admiration and wonderment. Flight sharing platforms aim to bring that excitement into everyone’s reach and offers everyone a chance to re-discover the charm of flight.

Click, Click, and Away

Boarding a light plane is a few clicks away, just think of all the places you can go! Two types of flight are immediately available; sightseeing flights, and transportation flights. The former are discovery flights, where departure and arrival are at the same location, it is the impeccable opportunity to enter an exceptional layer of the atmosphere, and admire landscapes from an altitude experienced by few. The latter are transit flights, getting you from point A to point B, where these points aren’t necessarily airports, but airfields. Taking the route less travelled is sometimes the case, with unusual destinations for city escapes constituting part of the adventure.

A couple of pilots preparing for a flight-share - Wingly

Peer to Peer Operations

The secret recipe behind these platforms resides in sharing the thrill of the journey, as well as it’s costs. Indeed, it is the perfect virtual space for flying enthusiasts and pilots to interact. Your account, as either passenger or pilot, is your ticket to the skies. Passengers can locate pilots near them using an interactive map and request flights by dropping a message or accept one of the numerous suggestions readily available. A refreshed sense of wanderlust accompanies this digital mode of transportation.

The view from between the wings - Wingly

Convenience Customized

Hacking air travel by sharing flights not only takes you off the beaten path, but it also comes with unprecedented flexibility. If the timing doesn’t suit you, for example, you can agree with the pilot on a different time - knowledge of the aeronautical alphabet is not mandatory! The best part of flight sharing is undoubtedly your seat. Forget about aisle and window seats, your pilot has found his co-pilot in you. Part of the adventure is listening in on his live chit-chat with the control tower and tracking his airborne movements around landmarks or coastlines on a map.

The Matterhorn from a plane-share - Wingly

Pilots & Co-Pilots

By all means, go ahead and find a pilot near you. Light aviation is probably the coolest gizmo to enter the cybernetic world recently, and it’s time to try it out. Diversify your life experiences with an uncommon trip! Fly smarter by skipping unending terminals, take a round-trip discovery flight through the mountains, or get a new perspective on the setting sun!

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