By The Way Project

By The Way Project

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The Beginning

Me and Viriato met not even a year ago through “Equipa d’África”, a NGO focused on missionary projects in Africa and in Portugal.

We didn’t make the effort to talk to each other, but as a part of a volunteer group, the activities kept putting us together. Inevitably we ended up talking to each other quite often. It was easy, we strived for the same things.

Even though we came from different backgrounds, we talked about the same desire to free ourselves from what society expects of us, and we just wanted to live our own way instead of pursuing a path that is somehow expected and imposed upon us. To live this one life, enjoying the world, knowing people, places, and feelings.

We weren’t born to pay bills and die.

That’s what our gut kept whispering. We started talking about this kind of life more seriously, and gradually we started to feel that we HAD to do this.

It just made sense, and we kept talking more and more about this. So things started to become more doable and eventually we took the first step. We started brainstorming ideas for the name of the project, filming some footage for a presentation and contacting some local adventure stores to see what kind of support we could get. When we took the first step forward, everything fell into place.

To get ready for the first challenge we thought about a few details like the trip itself, and the equipment. Hiking from Chamonix to Turin was our first big challenge. This trip’s purpose was to see how things would go, how we would get along and also allow us to understand the real implications of low cost traveling. That was the beginning of the By The Way project.