Perfect Peru - Unmissable Adventures In The Andes And Beyond

Perfect Peru - Unmissable Adventures In The Andes And Beyond

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Claire Parry

Peru is widely accepted as the very heart of ancient civilisations, yet there is much more to Peru than this. The country has a fascinating mix of the icy mountain peaks of the Andes - which have always offered a natural draw for trekkers and climbers alike - to the desert coast, perfect for surfing.

For those who prefer a jungle adventure, the Amazon Basin is well known for its exceptional biodiversity and dangerous rainforest terrain. Parque Nacional Manu oversees one of its most untouched and inaccessible areas. Located at the mouth of one of the many feeder rivers leading to the Amazon River itself, Rio Manu, this entanglement is a literal hotbed for native wildlife. You could see tapirs in their natural environment, even masses of macaws. A breathtaking and awe-inspiring spot for the nature lover.

Tempted By Lake Titicaca

Ancient scriptures believe this lake to be the birthplace of the sun itself. Once you look at the crystal azure waters, you can see where this belief was born. It’s honestly a magical encounter, one best experienced by spending the night on one of the lake’s islands. Once you have seen the sunset surrounded by the shimmering waters of the lake, it is a memory that will stay with you forever.

On the trail, we blaze…

Deep from the depths of the Urubamba Valley, an ancient stairway appears atop the clouds. As if from a fairy story this footpath runs alongside the ruins of waypoints long forgotten, and was the principal entry point to the beautiful estate of Machu Picchu for the Incas. It has become a pilgrimage of a sort, for the thousands of visitors who brave the trail each year. This incredible and important archaeological site is reached only after a touch and sometimes rugged four-day trek through magnificent scenery to the most spectacular and world-renowned place of interest. Guided Machu Picchu hikes are recommended to take in what you see in all its glory completely.

Drawing A Blanca

The Cordillera Blanca is a grand mountain range seated at the very core of Peru. Just taking in the magnificent views can make even the most sedentary of us want to explore its craggy peaks, each covered in dabs of bright white snow. It may not only be the altitude that takes your breath away when you behold the vista before you.

It’s ruined

The Andes are spotted all over with the traces of ancient towns and cities. A walled stronghold built by the Chachapoyas people, Kuelap stands among the most majestic, perched upon a mountain in the northern Peruvian cloud forest. The aspects of the Utcubamba Valley are unbelievable, the ruins just amazing, even the journey forged through timeless rustic hamlets is exceptional and unforgettable.


One of Planet Earth’s most massive enigmas, The Nazca Lines, can be found by exploring the Peruvian coast. Made up of over 70 ancient glyphs of animals and other configurations, they are so vast you can only truly take them in by taking to the air. That is where the puzzle lies. Why design something only really appreciated by flying over them, something well out of the remit of man when they were drawn. Their purpose is unclear, unknown, yet for a truly out of this world experience, soar over them in one of the many light aircraft experiences available and get a real sense of designs that have a higher purpose.