The Most Pointless Tourist Spots in the World

The Most Pointless Tourist Spots in the World

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Allie Whilst

Have you ever been somewhere on holiday and found yourself wondering, why exactly did I ever think this would be a good idea? We’ve all done it – made plans to check out a popular or infamous locale, only to discover just how shoddy it is.

Today, let’s take a look at some such examples, as we explore some of the most pointless tourist spots in the world to visit.

1. Beijing Museum of Tap Water – Beijing

I’m not even sure where to start with this one. Museums can sometimes run the risk of being a touch dull at the best of times; which is why we’re slightly concerned about the mental well-being of this building’s curator.

Built on the site of the former Beijing City Water Supply, this museum takes you on a charted journey through the history of tap water in the Chinese capital. Why does this exist?

Water Tap by Jan Tik

Image credit: Jan Tik

2. Hollywood Walk of Fame – Hollywood

The Hollywood Walk of Fame was once a classy way of detailing some of the biggest names in the media business. These days, it’s so oversaturated with random nobodies the walk has lost all meaning.

When all’s said and done, you’re doing nothing more than checking out a load of names written on the ground in what is said to be one of the tackier regions of Los Angeles. There are plenty of reasons why this locale stands out as a pretty shoddy destination, but the lack of anything to actually do here is one of the primary ones.

3. MannekenPis – Brussels

I’d love to tell you the title of this statue in Brussels is just an unfortunate coincidence in translation, but sadly it’s a very fair reflection of what you should expect to find. The MannekenPis is quite literally a little chap having a pee.

Such is the disappointment and absurdity of this pointless spot, many expert travellers have been left to wonder if they’re even in the right place when they arrive. We’re not sure why or how this ever became the national icon it is, but it’s definitely one you can afford to miss.

MannekenPis Fountain by Nigel

Image credit: Nigel

4. Stonehenge – UK

This area of the UK is one which is definitely worth checking out if you have a strong historical interest in the Bronze Age. However, if you’re not someone studying this period of history, there’s very little else appealing about the spot.

With a massive restriction on how close you can actually get to the monument itself, you don’t even have the joy of playing among the stones that past generations did. All in all, a trip to Stonehenge will see you walk around some old rocks in a massive circle.

5. Burnside Fountain – Massachusetts

Concluding our list is one of the oddest things you’re ever likely to see in civilised society. The Burnside Fountain is – and I’m not kidding here – a bronze statue of a man seemingly straddling a turtle. He’s allegedly riding it, but I have my doubts.

What makes this already questionable spot even more pointless is the fact this fountain is no longer operational. With no purpose and one of the oddest images we’ve ever seen in a public park, “Turtle Boy” as he’s been dubbed is definitely one of the most pointless attractions out there.

Burnside Fountain by Tony Webster

Image credit: Tony Webster

When you’re next on holiday make sure you don’t waste your time at one of these pointless tourist attractions. Find something worthwhile to do with your time and give the spots we’ve covered today a miss.