Spending A Day At Moreton Bay

Spending A Day At Moreton Bay

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Brisbane is without a doubt one of the unsung gems of Queensland and one of the most captivating cities in all of Australia. There are few cities anywhere in the world where you can pet koalas, see an operatic production in an underground theatre that used to be a reservoir, sun yourself on a man-made beach and climb to a peak 300m above sea level all in one day. There’s so much to see and do in Brisbane that it can be daunting for newcomers. That’s why we’re using laser focus in this post, here we’ll focus entirely on the things to see and do around the Moreton Bay region. However much time you have to spare and whatever your budget there’s plenty to do in this charming and picturesque area.

Charter a Boat

Like so many of Australia’s coastal cities, Brisbane is as exciting to experience on the water as on the land. Although there are many marine life tours as well as organised snorkelling and diving expeditions, many people prefer the freedom of exploring the open waters at their own pace. If this sounds like your perfect way to start a day it’s easy and affordable to charter boats from Moreton Bay. You can enjoy a barbecue on deck, snorkel and swim at your leisure or sail along the beautiful Brisbane river for a whale’s eye view of the city.

Speaking of whales…

If you get a glowy feeling from seeing marine life in their natural habitat (who doesn’t?) you can witness these majestic underwater mammals doing their thing from June through to October from the bay. Departing from Radcliffe Jetty Brisbane Whale Watching offers fun and informative tours that cruise the bay for hours to give whale fans their fix.

Explore the Redcliffe Botanic Gardens

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful and fascinating arboreal life in the world so why not take a little time to enjoy it up close and personal. Even the most overworked mind can find peace and tranquility walking among this haven for indigenous plant life (which used to be a cow paddock). There’s plenty to do for the kids as well including a herb garden and a floral sensory experience. Finish your trip with a look around the Redcliffe Art Gallery.

Swim and relax in Settlement Cove

Who says you have to spend a fortune to have a fun and relaxing day? The best things in life are free and so is a splash around the picturesque Settlement Cove which offers a resort quality swim at no cost whatsoever.

Watch the sun set over the Glasshouse Mountains

Nature lovers will find unmatched tranquil beauty among the channel of Pumicestone Passage. Between Bribie island and the Caboolture coast this channel is a protected safe haven for indigenous birds animals and marine life. Here you can enjoy a range of watersports or just relax amongst the breathtaking views with an astonishing view of the Glasshouse Mountains which offer a wonderful view of the setting sun.