The Rejuvenating Power of Nature

The Rejuvenating Power of Nature

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What Nature is to Me

Spending the entire weekend in nature, something that very few people take advantage of anymore.

Nature can be incredibly powerful in our lives. Personally, nature is not only calming but filling — removing negative feelings and replacing them with positive ones. It’s where I recharge and rejuvenate.

Have you ever tried describing a beautiful scenic view to someone? It is incredibly hard to do, and often people just give up, saying, “you missed out”. As much as we want to share in the joy we experienced, nature is hard to describe and recreate through a story or picture.

There is something great about not being able to fully capture everything you see and experience in a picture or story, that moment is unable to be recreated exactly and you cannot share it fully with others unless you show them first-hand. They must experience it for themselves.

Spending time in complete solitude. These are the moments I live for; they are what keep refueling my energy and life-purpose. I would challenge you to find that one thing that gives you overflowing, endless energy. Find that passion that makes it impossible for you to be truly happy without it.

Let people see the joy overflow from you. For me, that passion is nature and being immersed in god’s creation. Whether you resonate with this or avoid the outdoors at all costs, there is still something that gets you out of bed each morning. Discover it, live for it. It is there that we find true happiness.


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