Xi'an: A Culture Vulture's Paradise

Xi'an: A Culture Vulture's Paradise

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When you think of China, images of emperors, ancient dynasties, and historic trade routes come to mind. If you love venturing deep into a country’s history, then the Chinese city of Xi’an could be just what you are looking for. Xi’an was the capital of many Chinese dynasties and formed an integral part of the Silk Road. Its roots are firmly in the past yet also shows off China’s optimistic and promising future. The province of Shaanxi is the second most visited in China because of its rich culture, the famous Terracotta Warriors and magnificent museums. If you’re tempted by a jaunt to China, take a look at why Xi’an should be high up on your list of destinations.

The Food

The Shaanxi province of which Xi’an is the capital is more culinary diverse than most, partly due to its Muslim population. This influence on the Chinese cuisine has made for a unique eating experience for tourists. Mutton and pork dumplings will be served from one street vendor while next to him a master of the wok will be stir frying lamb with spices and nuts. With a specific Muslim Quarter, the city celebrates its special culinary influences.

Chinese Cuisine - Dimsum

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Keep an eye on where the locals go and follow. Some the least salubrious eateries that forego the glitz of a shiny sign can end up serving the most delicious morsels. The flat handmade noodles and the quail egg kebabs with a spicy Sichuan sauce are a must.

Travel by Bicycle

There is no better way to tour any city than by bike. Being a walled city, Xi’an allows you to cycle the entire perimeter of the city stopping off to marvel at the views and purchase tiny Terracotta Warrior souvenir figurines along the way. The walls were built by the Emperors of the ancient Ming dynasty, and with exceptional renovations over the years, they are still in remarkably good shape. If cycling sounds a little daunting, the walls are relatively flat, and there is always the option of hiring an electric bike to make the journey a little less taxing.

Terracotta Warriors

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Where To Rest Your Head

There are over 2,600 hotels in Xi’an, and these are only the ones listed on Tripadvisor. It can be quite daunting deciding where you should stay. To assess which Xi’an hotel can fulfill your needs you need to think about whether you want to stay out of town, right in the center of things or closer to the airport. The key is to make sure you are based near a transport hub so that you can reach any cultural spot with ease. You may want to visit Huaqing Palace, the TangBo Art Museum or head out of the city to enjoy a spot of nature at Cuihua Mountain. Make sure you are within five minutes walk of a metro, and your traveling will be a whole lot easier.

Chinese architecture at night

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When making plans to visit the wonderful country of China, ensure that you don’t miss out the city of Xi’an. The food, nature, people and culture make for one of the most rewarding traveling experiences you will ever embark on in your life.